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Закачивается сезон летнего отдыха 2019 года и уже предложение на отдых 2020 года в польском курортном городе Леба.

02 августа 2019 года подписан Указ Президента об объединении двух безвизовых зон Бреста и Гродно.

В Белосток в на регулярных рейсах. Гродно-Белосток-Гродно.


Уже традиционно, один раз в год, перед Рождеством, RELAX тур "Путешествие в земной рай"
Всего одна поездка, всего 40 мест. Приглашаем всех желающих посетить Буковину Татшанску с проживанием и отдыхом в отеле с комплексом термальных источников 13-17.12.2019 года.


22 декабря 2017 года подписан Указ о продлении с 01 января 2018 года действия безвизового въезда "GrodnoVisaFree"

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Instructions to tourists coming in Grodno without visa

польский ответы вопросы и ответы на русском английский на русском польский английский ответы


 What you need to know while coming without a visa to Grodno   

  1. It is necessary to pass border and customs control while crossing the border of Belarus.
  2. Foreign citizens and stateless persons (hereinafter referred as foreigners) can cross the State border of Belarus with the following documents:

  • Valid document for travelling abroad (passport) with a visa for the countries with which Belarus has a visa regime;

  • Document on returning to the State of nationality or residence (in case of passport losing on the territory of Belarus);

  • A valid document for traveling abroad and a document providing a foreigner the right to individual or group visit the park "Avgustov Canal" without a visa when crossing the State border of Belarus and Poland at checkpoints Lesnaja/Rudavka, Bruzgi/Kuznica Belostotskaya and with  Lithuania at the checkpoints Privalka/Švendubrė, Privalka/Raigardas.

      3. When crossing the State border of Belarus foreigner is obliged to:

  • to present a valid document for traveling abroad and document providing a foreigner the right on individual or group visit the park "Avgustov Canal";
  • present a contract of compulsory medical insurance;

  • to receive and fill in the migration card. When leaving the Republic of Belarus a foreigner, except temporary or permanently residing in Belarus unless otherwise determined by the legislative acts and international treaties of Belarus is obliged to hand over a part "B" of the migration card when passing the checkpoint of Belarus. In case of losing of migration card to a foreigner is imposed penalty;

  • fill in the customs declaration and submit customs officer if you bring:

              - Vehicle;
              - Goods valued more than 1,500 euros, or weighing more than 50 kilograms or indivisible items weighing more than 35 kg;
              - Cash and (or) traveler's checks totaling more than 10 000 US dollars in the equivalent;
              - Alcoholic beverages (more than 3 liters) and tobacco products (over 200 pieces);
              - Monetary instruments: bills, checks (checks), securities in documentary form;
              - Weapons and ammunition, tear gas spray, stun guns;
              - Drugs, narcotics, drastic remedies and their precursors;
              - Cultural values, printing, books, newspapers, pictures;
              - Animals;
              - Goods imported more than 1 time in 3 calendar days.

    4. The driver of the vehicle must have the original insurance certificate, valid on the territory of Belarus which justifies the liability insurance in the State - a member of the system "Green Card". For participation in the road traffic on the territory of Belarus of a vehicle registered abroad without the agreement of compulsory insurance of civil liability of owners of vehicles, in force at the territory of Belarus, provides for administrative liability under Part 4 of Article 18.20 of the Administrative Code and is 20 base units (from 01.01.2018, the base value is 24,5 BYN).

      5. At the entrance to Belarus foreigners are required to have funds for each day of stay in the amount equivalent at least 2 base units established in Belarus.

    6. If foreigner or a stateless person stays at the territory of Belarus more than 5 days, except Sundays, public holidays and red-letter days, it is necessary to register at registration authority on the place of actual residence. You can register at:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • bodies of internal affairs;
  • hotel;
  • sanatoria and health-improving organizations;
  • the subject of agroecotourism.

If citizens violate these requirements is provided administrative liability under Part 1 asset 23.55 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus (warning or a fine in the size of 50 basic units, or deportation).

      7. For citizens at the checkpoints is prohibited: 

  • make photo and video;
  • keep conversations on mobile communications; 
  • leave money in documents presented for inspection; 
  • perform any act directed at inciting workers of border control bodies to breach established procedure for passport control and other controls, including the offer to them any material value also offer and (or) provide the benefits of property nature.

      8. On the territory of the State border between Belarus and corresponding crossing point is prohibited:

  • parking of vehicles;
  • boarding and disembarkation of passengers; 
  • loading and unloading;  
  • finding individuals who are not associated with passing of State boundary of Belarus.  

If citizens violate these requirements is provided administrative liability under asset 23.31 of the Administrative Code of the Republic of Belarus (warning or a fine in the size of 50 basic units, or deportation).

      9. Beltoll is the payment system for collecting tolls in Belarus. The fee for traveling on toll roads for the BelToll system is paid for by drivers of vehicles. 

Drivers of vehicles with technically permissible total weight not exceeding 3.5 tonnes registered in the countries of Customs Union are free of tolls.

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     10. Stay of foreigners on the territory of Belarus is regulated by the following documents:

    11. In the case of visiting by foreign nationals of special tourist and recreation park "Brest" and "Avgustov Canal" and the surrounding areas" is prohibited from traveling outside the visa-free zone.

     12. More information about the entry you can read on the page "Visa-free entry. Questions and Answers."