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22 декабря 2017 года подписан Указ о продлении с 01 января 2018 года действия безвизового въезда "GrodnoVisaFree"

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Visa-free entry to Grodno. Questions and answers

польский ответы вопросы и ответы на русском английский на русском польский английский ответы


Question: What does it mean a license of visa-free entry to Grodno?

Answer: There is a standard form document which gives the right to visit tourist and recreation park "Avgustov Canal". It guaranteeing tourist entry into its territory and to obtain certain previously ordered tourist services. Consequently, the travel services booked and issued the document for entry.

Question: Who arranges this document?

Answer: Travel agencies.

Question: These permissions are free or paid?

Answer: You pay for the booked services, which will include a service on registration documents for visa-free entry. Each travel agency will identify the cost themselves.

Question: What is needed for registration of this document?

Answer: It is necessary to make a request to a travel company with indication of required data then agree on the list of reserved services and resolve the question about their payment. Then the travel agency sends to the border service necessary information and to you a document for presentation to border guards at the entrance to Belarus. For example, in our company, you can make a claim on the following pages - in Russian, Polish and English languages.

Question: How long a document on the right to visit Grodno and park "Avgustov Canal" is issued?

Answer: After you solve all organizational questions with the travel company about the trip, the travel agency sends all the data to border service. Travel agency does it 4 times a day (09:00, 12:00, 15:00, 17:00). Within 24 hours after receiving of the data by border guards, you can enter the border crossing point.

Question: Does a foreigner have to wait for standard document from a travel company or can just go to the boundary?

Answer: You should receive an email with the document from the travel agency, print it out and represent it to the border guard at passport control.

Question: Do I need to have a document on a visit of Grodno and "Avgustov Canal" "in hands" when returning from a trip and crossing the boundary of Belarus?

Answer: Absolutely. In case it is lost, you can independently print it again or contact the travel agency that issued it to you.

Question: Do I need to visit tourist and recreation park "Avgustov Canal" during a trip?

Answer: No, it depends on your desire.

Question: Citizens of which countries can come without visa?

Answer: Citizens of countries with favorable migration situation. It's more than 50 countries, including all Western European countries.

Question: If there is a document on the visit of Grodno and park "Avgustov Canal", that is 100% guaranteed to enter Belarus?

Answer: In the same way when entering the Shengen countries and at the entrance to Belarus, the final decision on the entry takes workers of Border Service. And this decision is not depend traveling tourist by a visa, or "standard document for visa-free entry into the territory of tourist and recreation park "Avgustow Canal"”.

Question: With what purpose can I enter by this document?

Answer: The document gives the right to enter for tourism purposes. So if you are traveling for other purposes, you will need to apply for the visa. There is an exception for the bus driver, which carries a group of tourists without visa for the purpose of tourist visit of Grodno and park "Avgustov Canal". He performs the duties and has the right to enter without visa.

Question: If the purpose of trip is tourism, is it obligatory to order some tourist services?

Answer: The trip is considered to be a tourist if it ordered at least two tourist services.

Question: If I have in Grodno friends and I do not need accommodation and food?

Answer: If you want to come without visa, in any case you will need to book at least two tourist services in travel agency. Otherwise, you need to open invitation visa and come to your friends or relatives.

Question: What kind of services it can be?

Answer: Any of them - from visiting the museum to accommodation and food.

Question: How many days can I stay?

Answer: Up to five days. Also you can come for one day without accommodation.

Question: If I have the document for entry into the Grodno given for five days stay, can I come to Grodno twice during this period?

Answer: No, for each document issued by a travel agency you can enter only once.

Question: Can I bring several documents for trips to Grodno and how many days can I stay in Belarus?

Answer: There are no documents forbidding and regulating the number of receiving documents for entry into the Grodno for tourism. With each trip length of stay should be not more than 5 days. There are general rules in Belarus according to which foreigners have the right to stay up to 90 days during the year without obtaining a temporary residence permit.

Question: What can I visit without visa?

Answer: You can visit territory of Grodno, Sopotskin Goza Podlabenje Koptevka Adelsk village councils.

Question: Are there some visa-free area symbols on the roads?

Answer: On departure from the territory of visa-free zone and on the main roads installed warning signs about the ending of visa-free zone. Traveling outside of visa-free zone is prohibited.

Question: Through what border crossing points is possible to come?

Answer: From the side of Poland - "Lesnaja" / "Rudavka" and "Bruzgi" / "Kuznica Belostotskaya". From the side of Lithuania through border crossing points "Privalka" / "Švendubrė" and "Privalka" / "Raigardas". 

Question: How does this border crossing points work?

Answer: "Lesnaja" / "Rudavka" and "Privalka" / "Švendubrė" are water crossing points and work in the period from 01 May to 30 September. "Bruzgi" / "Kuznica Belostotskaya" and "Privalka" / "Raigardas" are car crossing points and work twenty-four-hour and every day.

Question: Is it possible to come from Poland and go to Lithuania or vice versa?

Answer: Yes. You can come to Grodno from Poland to live a few days in Grodno and go to Lithuania. 

Question: Is it necessary to cross the boundary at the specific border crossing point?

Answer: You can cross the boundary at any of the foresaid checkpoints. When processing documents you do not need to specify a checkpoint. So every movement determines independently.

Question: Can I come from Poland in Grodno by train?

Answer: No, in the current edition of the Decree does not provide entrance to Grodno by railway crossing point Grodno.

Question: Does the migration card is filled in when entering without visa in Grodno?

Answer: Absolutely. When leaving back the second half of the migration card is taken away by border service workers. In case of losing the migration card a fine is laid.

Question: Is registration required on arrival in Grodno at the migration service.

Answer: No, because registration is required in the case of staying on the territory of Belarus for more than 5 business days and you can stay up to 5 days without visa.

Question: How much money does a foreigner need to have for every day stay at the entrance to Belarus?

Answer: According to the "Rules of foreign citizens and stateless persons staying in the Republic of Belarus", the foreigners must have means at amount equivalent at least 2 basic units (as of 10/26/2016, about 21 Euros per day).

Question: What else besides a passport and a document on a visit of Grodno and park "Avgustov Canal" I need to enter?

Answer: You must be sure to draw the agreement of compulsory medical insurance for each trip before entering the country. Medical insurance can be beforehand drawn in the insurance company. When traveling by car "Green Card" is additionally drawn on the vehicle

Question: Roads in Belarus are toll?

Answer: Some roads in Belarus are paid and paid through BelToll system. However when you travel without visa, you must go on the road through the village Korobchitsy and this road is free. Note! The part of the road M-6 from the village Strubka to the village Koptevka is paid and did not include in the visa-free zone !!!

Question: Specify which way is possible to arrive in Grodno by car without visa?

Answer: On the part of the Lithuania road P-42: border crossing point "Privalka" - Krynichnaya - Gozha - Zaritsa - Grodno. On the part of Poland: border crossing point "Bruzgi" - exit from the highway M-6 at the village Bruzgi - Korobchitsy - Grodno. 

Question: Validity of the decree is limited?

Answer: Duration is not limited.

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